The A.G. Team

Partnering to build Employers of Excellence

Lonnie Mears

Sr. Benefits Consultant
With the Longest Tenure at A.G. Insurance with over 30 years experience. Lonnie is our Pioneer of Client Advocacy.

JC Cole Jr.

Sr. Benefits Consultant
The most recent Broker to hit the 30 year mark at A.G. Insurance. JC invented the Negotiator way before Priceline marketed William Shatner.

Drew Attaway

Sr. Benefits Consultant
Our In-House Compass of Compassion. Through every interaction, you can see and hear his concern to improve your Health and Well-Being.

Allen Clonch

Sr. Benefits Consultant
Only having been at A.G. for 25 years, Allen surpasses anyone living in the ability to read the fine print and protect the buyer.

Mike Davis

Jr. Benefits Consultant
Mike was our 1st Junior Consultant in 15 years! His addition to the A.G. Team has helped propel us into a deeper understanding of Corporate Tax and how to advise clients towards effective spending.

Josh Ayala

Jr. Benefits Consultant
7 years into his career, Josh has mastered the art of Benefits Compliance and Regulatory Audits. He also knows the value of setting up your plan right the 1st time. Not only does Josh bring his contagious personality to the team, our clients really enjoy his perfectionism too.

Timely Support

Personal Support and access to our Direct Dial lines. Personalized Online portals with your coverage resources and details 24/7/365

Innovative Ideas

Effective use of Technology to improve your insurance and your operations. Cutting Edge products along with personal support and local face to face accountability even when the solution or product lives in cyberspace.

Advanced Technology

Insurance as a Digital Experience. Also, the mundane tasks as automation!. Our Technology has one focus in mind–freeing up your time to be exceptional and not ordinary.

Clear Communication

No Industry Speak! We train ourselves and our staff to explain and communicate in the clearest terms. When that can’t be done, we draw pictures and tell stories so that no one case escape understanding.

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