Oral Health is Total Health


For several years, we’ve seen conclusive research that Oral Health is linked to overall Health.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) has numerous studies that link it to Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Diabetes.

Even without these factors,  Periodontal Disease currently ranks as the 6th most prevalent chronic condition in the world.

Dental Insurance to the Rescue


Chances are that you are familiar with Dental Insurance and the various benefits of being covered by a Dental Plan such as better pricing through DPO or DHMO network providers, 100% coverage on cleanings,  and full coverage on annual x-rays.

Chances are you are also familiar with an annual member maximum benefit for dental expenses.

This is one area I’d like to suggest you focus on, tell a positive story and promote better Oral Health all a the same time.

The Chance for Positive Improvement


#1. Look for a Dental Insurance Plan that doesn’t penalize your employee’s annual benefit maximum for preventative visits.

#2. Look for a Dental Insurance plan that encourages cleaning and periodontal check-ups by giving “Benefit Rewards”.  These typically come in the form of increased annual maximum benefits in year #2.

#3. Ask your Dental Insurance plan vendor for giveaway items like Toothbrushes and Floss.  It’s becomes a daily (hopefully twice daily) reminder to your employees that they have Dental Insurance.


Mike Davis

Mike Davis


 About the author:  Mike has a passion for people. That's why he is at AG Insurance.  Mike has the kind of talent and passion that you want on your team and in your corner. It doesn't hurt that he also has a very strong accounting background as well as having spent time in a CFO & leadership role in his previous company.  With Tax and Accounting practices having a bigger and bigger impact on his clients--so does Mike.  And not to be forgotten,  Mike is also a Baseball Guy and a Rangers Fan--which goes a long way in our culture.

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