I just couldn’t not do it

That is how I feel about giving back and giving to others.  Whether it’s money or time or the very clothes off my back.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by an organization that just naturally gives too.  AG doesn’t do a singular effort in any one area,  we just all band together and help.  And we do it regularly, throughout a myriad of causes and organizations we support through dollars, time, sweat and tears.   And they are all personal to someone.

Slade was personal to me.

This kid was electric and relentless,  and I had the absolute pleasure to coach him at baseball.   If sports is an expression of life, then Slade’s expression was relentless and an example of a life lived with joy and excitement.

Then, like so many stories that hit you in the gut, an ATV accident happened and we all had to deal with an emptiness and sadness that will never go away.

Play for Slade is a Baseball Tournament born not from tragedy, but from personal reaction(s) to an extremely difficult situation where we could only just do what Slade would have done.  Dust off the incident and then infect the community around him with infectious hope and energy.

We just finished the 2nd annual tournament and were able to raise funds to help a member in our community who also experienced a tragedy.

But that’s not the point.

Giving often birthed of tragedy and outstanding situations of need.    Again, I’m fortunate that our company culture has giving and charity interwoven in the very fabric of the teammates around me.

We love working with individuals and organizations that are both passionate about their employees and the community as a whole.

I love working with individuals and organizations that are both passionate about their employees and the community as a whole.

Our team and our leadership has some BHAG ideas about how to help foster more growth in charitable giving and improving employee culture through community engagement. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the AG brain-trust,  but don’t wait.

Go find something personal where you can go give of yourself.

Go Be Always Great


Mike Davis

Mike Davis


 About the author:  Mike has a passion for people. That's why he is at AG Insurance.  Mike has the kind of talent and passion that you want on your team and in your corner. It doesn't hurt that he also has a very strong accounting background as well as having spent time in a CFO & leadership role in his previous company.  With Tax and Accounting practices having a bigger and bigger impact on his clients--so does Mike.  And not to be forgotten,  Mike is also a Baseball Guy and a Rangers Fan--which goes a long way in our culture.

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