ACA Exchange Optimization

When the Affordable Care Act passed, we entered a new world—one that included an online marketplace, where individuals and businesses could shop around for the best insurance options. At A.G. Insurance Agencies, we can help you navigate this new landscape by providing an in-depth analysis of the benefits and risks of migrating insurance plans to an exchange.

Not only will we make an analysis of the effect on your employee’s, but we will run a full analysis of your company’s liabilities and potential savings or penalties based on your status as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE).

This includes comparing different plans and determining their actual costs, creating risk adjustment and reinsurance payment programs, and comparing and contrasting each option to find the one that best suits the profile of your employee population as well as your companies cost advantages or disadvantages. Whether your employees are entering the public exchange as individuals, or your organization is creating a private exchange for your employees, A.G. Insurance Agencies is here to help you make the best possible choice.

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