HR Connection

At A.G. Insurance Agencies, we understand that your employees are your most valuable assets. Rather than have them spend the majority of their time or the time of your Human Resources staff filling out redundant forms and emailing or faxing the data to multiple vendors, our HRConnection tool consolidates the data entry and data output.

Installing HRConnection lets your employees spend their time on your business and lets your administrative staff spend their time on your employees. We take the hassle out of insurance enrollments and automate the mundane so your employees can be extraordinary.

To do this, we’ve put together a full range of plan offerings, compliance documentation and decision making tools together in one spot an our staff becomes the partner to your staff in every transaction. We’ll work with your team to create Employee Education campaigns, capture current elections, and help validate Life Events throughout the year. With our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand your needs and work hard to meet them, your company will continue to grow and succeed.

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