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It is no secret that Nancy Humphrey is a key ingredient to success when we on-board new clients in our HR, Benefits & Compliance platform(s).  It’s also no secret that one of our primary platforms is the software from Employee Navigator.  The overall experience from concept to reality is a robust and shockingly pleasurable adventure for both our team and our clients.

I recently sat down with Nancy and gleaned her insight now that she’s surpassed the 100-new-clients installation mark.

Q1. When you conduct a training, what are the top 3 things you now focus on every time?

The #1 goal is to get a new user comfortable with the basic requirement of adding a new employee and also terminating an employee.  As part of that process, they get to see & touch the biggest function from both their admin view and the employee perspective.

The 2nd goal is familiarity with the report menu.  I go over some of the canned reports and give examples of how & when they are used, as well as a brief overview of how to build an ad-hoc report—but that level of comfort takes a few sessions for most before they are proficient.

I end with viewing the status portions of the Home & Employee tabs so they can visually see areas that need to be monitored or issues that need to be addressed.

Q2. Where in your training do clients stop you and ask questions frequently?

It varies.  There are some people that, from the beginning ,start questioning me on what the “Classes” mean.

ACA classification is also questioned quite a bit.

One of the biggest questions I get pertains to system rules like; “how do they know when their benefits are effective?”, “Does the system automatically calculate the contributions that the employer makes?”,  Also…”how does COBRA work?”

Q3. What are some tricks to make the new client feel “in-control” of the system?

I generally like to ask them if they plan to do the enrollment for employees, or do they plan to have the employee log in and do their own enrollment.  Surprisingly, there are quite a few employers that choose to do the enrollment themselves.

I also try to ask them up front what their expectations are so that I can be sure to elaborate on certain areas during our walk-through.  As part of the discussion, I try to guide the meeting in the direction of how they plan to use the software and also introduce other options available to them with stories about our other client experiences.

Q4. What is the hardest thing for a new client to grasp?

The automation.  The idea that they don’t have to figure out program effective dates, and they don’t have to report the enrollments to us seems to be a much more foreign concept than I would have guessed.

Q5. What is the biggest “ah-ha” moment during training on Employee Navigator?

Similarly to the last question, the biggest “ah-ha” moment is probably when they realize that they don’t have to send us email or call to let us know about the employee’s enrollment or termination.  When they experience this for the first time, the trust factor grows.

I’d also say the COBRA portion, too, is also surprising to the employer.  The fact that they only need to terminate the employee and everything else just happens is mindblowing.

Q6. How do you know when a client becomes a “Power-User”?

This happens when I get a call that says…I want it to do this but not sure how to…”.  I get to log in and see how much they have logically figured out themselves.  I love working with those users because they certainly force me to go learn aspects of the system that I might not ordinarily visit.

Q7. What are the most fun capabilities that your ‘Power-Users” have ventured into?

Absolutely the TASK capabilities.  When they start to add specific automated work-flows or move their paper forms online, it is fun to be part of their solution.

I’ve even had one company add in a “reminder” to turn off their Adobe Creative Suite user licenses upon employee termination.  That was exciting when they realized they could add in a reminder that would save them a few hundred dollars in fees that have absolutely nothing to do with benefits or insurance.

Q8. If you could add one feature to Employee Navigator, what would it be?

One of the requests I hear often is the option to print a temporary ID card.  While there is some level of this capability that does exist in the tool today, it isn’t as robust as anyone wants.  I also dream that one day we can expand our APIs to a level where we sync data to the insurer’s member portal to see not only their ID cards, but also view the other tools without ever leaving the HR tool.



Nancy Humphrey

Nancy Humphrey

About the Author: Nancy joined the AG team back in 2013 to serve one of our biggest clients, however, Nancy is now one of the biggest services to all of our clients.  Having an extremely robust understanding of not only the technology platforms we support in-house, she has a wealth of experience with outside HR, Payroll, HCM, HRIS and other software platforms that our clients either use or encounter.  Spending 30 minutes or an hour with Nancy is truly a priceless experience when you need to know how or why something works (or doesn't).

Bret Brummitt

Bret Brummitt

Senior Consultant

About the author: An avid learner and resourceful leader with a passion for problem solving, Bret is a calming force in the chaos and fast paced evolution of health insurance, employee benefits, and the growing burden of regulatory compliance. He helps people develop the confidence to see beyond the problem at hand and start to re-imagine their goals. Whether he’s helping a client or a colleague, Bret believes a successful interaction is one that allows us all to dream a little bigger when we’re done.

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