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We have been testing products on ourselves for years, and we want to share our favorites with you. These featured products have changed our lives for the better and we want to share what we’ve personally experienced.

Personalize It!

There’s more to consider beyond your employer’s plans. We work with you directly to make sure you have the products you want to live better and stay stress free! Consider a Concierge Appointment to discuss the things that make you tick!

Targeted Learning

Ever wanted to learn more on a specific topic? Want to know how to actually benefit from a wellness campaign? Want to know how to really maximize an HSA? Our AG Insights online classes and presentations are quick 20 minute, interactive sessions for you.


We are here for the long-term success of you. We will talk about the immediate future, but we are setup for making you successful for the next 5, 10, 20 and 30 years. We do insurance beyond the Health plan. Let’s take 30 minutes and build the relationship to partner for your success.

Featured Product---FreshBenies

A One-Stop Product to keep you Healthy, Happy and Hassle-Free.

A low cost suite of services with Tele-Doc for instant consultations with a real MD Physician as well as a Health Advocate to do handle any Hassle or Billing issues with the Insurance Company on your behalf. They navigate the 1-800-Please Hold of the Giant Insurance company on your behalf so you can go on with your life.

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Featured Product--MASA

Beyond a Health plan for real emergencies.

From Ambulance rides from your home to Careflight to Worldwide Medical Evacuation, MASA is the one plan that does it all and goes above and beyond.

No one thinks about how you get your car home when you’re injured on a trip. No one thinks about who would escort your children home or transport them back to your family if your not able to. No one thinks about arranging a $50k medical slush fund for international emergency care. Well, no one but MASA.

We think this is one of the best $25 expenses you will incur.

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