JC Cole


26 Years @ AG Insurance and Known for Well Starched Casual Wear and his Magic Pants


  • Obsessively Organized 90% 90%
  • Accuracy on the Golf Course 72% 72%
  • Scuba Instructor 15% 15%
  • Master of the Custom Contract 101% 101%


JC Cole’s  Story

It’s hard to live down a funny moment

I really like order, organization and cleanliness.  These things make me happy.

When you show up to a dove hunt,  and your pants have perfect pleats and your shirt is so stiff you can’t let your arms hang down to your side—you might pick up a nickname.     20 years later they still call me Starchy.

My first venture as an entrepreneur was owning a Scuba store.   It was great,  but the long-term financial gain in the middle of DFW wasn’t the best.   When I ventured into insurance I started with a Life Insurance company as one of their captive agents,  only selling their high-profit centered products.   I didn’t take me long to see that I was more interested in the client’s best interest than just that of the Company,  JC Cole the Benefits Broker was born.

I like to watch out for the best interests of my clients and I work to make sure they are treated like someone is watching their back when they are vulnerable.  Because,  when you are making a purchase with a contract you didn’t draft yourself,  you are vulnerable.

From the 1st day as a Broker in 1990 until now,  its a passion to watch out for my clients best interest regardless of the financial reward.



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