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Employee Benefit Strategies

We streamline your company’s health care journey by creating plans uniquely fitted to your organization.


Technology Integration

Our online programs focus on streamlining your organization’s processes and adding value for your employees.


Compliance Support

Don’t worry about missing the mark.  Let us keep track of the changing requirements. After all, you’ve got a business to run.


Employee Benefit Engagement

A great benefits plan is only effective when it’s understood and utilized. Find out how our Year-Round support enhances your plan and adds value.


Data Analytics Support

Do you know your numbers?  Is it time to have a self-funded feasibility study? How do your employees engage? Where are the largest cost coming from?


Workers’ Compensation

Fair, Accurate and No Audits when you use our Pay-as-you-Go Worker’s Comp solutions.  Explore our options and find out how to optimize your coverage.


Payroll Outsourcing

You can count on us to create flexible and accurate solutions for payroll and year-end reporting with our Online and Personalized services


HR Support

Our human resource support services will help your employees use their time and talents wisely. Let us help enhance your culture. and empower you people.


401K & Retirement

Planning ahead is better with the help of our experts. When we work together, the future is bright. Let our experts integrate the future into today’s offerings.

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Compliance Services



The Paradox of Change It’s interesting that when a problem becomes so big that it forces you to act, it can at the same time cause you to accept the consequences as the new normal.  Think of pollution, it took so many years for it to affect our climate that even...

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