Bret Brummitt

19 Years @ AG Insurance and looking forward to 25 more

  • Data Expert 80%
  • Evangelist of Customer Experience 99%
  • Pretentious Jerk 1%
  • Teacher and Mentor 75%

This is My Story

Sometimes you get lucky.   And I mean really lucky.

Sure,  planning and preparation play their role,  but sometimes you just meet people at the most opportune time in your life.

That’s how I landed at A.G. Insurance.

In 1999, I’d spent some time working for GEICO and for Mutual of Omaha learning the ropes and I wanted to develop and become an expert in Employee Benefits and Worksite sales.  Through a well-placed recommendation by a friend named Brian D.,  I was introduced to the leadership of A.G. Insurance and back then the former parent company,

19 years later,  I’ve never looked back and now it’s my pleasure to be the driver behind the wheel of our Leadership Team.

I have a passion to make sure the Client Experience is beyond exceptional and far exceeding your expectations.

With this passion,  I not only test and measure customer feedback, I develop goals and discuss the items that are important and valuable to create our performance metrics.   Yes,  you read that correctly—we hold ourselves to a standard performance level and we wake up trying to exceed it every day on your behalf.

It is my hope that we will be lucky enough to develop a story that includes you as part of our client family—and my marketing department is doing the planning and preparation for the luck to pay off.

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